Reduction of Forces Services

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Downsizing your team is one of the most stressful things a business owner or HR director can go through in their career. A strong leader gets no joy in letting someone, or multiple people, go and they don’t take that decision lightly. Once the right timing is determined, the termination meeting is arranged, and the choice of severance package is made, there is still the outcome to deal with. If the employee will be eligible for unemployment there are high costs involved, and in most cases, the employer wants to see the employee find a great job afterward and a reference only goes so far. 

This is where My Interview Buddy comes in. We help businesses who have made the decision let the employees go, soften the blow by offering career services to help their former employees find new positions, quickly. We help working professionals get incredible jobs through career coaching, interview preparations, resume services and more. Our services are an advantageous benefit to the employee and an invaluable piece to any severance package on the employers’ end. 

What is My Interview Buddy? MIB is a digital career services company that helps job seekers get into the right position through our unique approach to professional growth. Our team are all former hiring managers and recruiters who have had first-hand experience getting the right people into great positions. Our buddies are all passionate about our job seekers getting into jobs that really align with their experience and needs. Our services include:

  • Virtual mock interviewing

  • Resume and cover letter services

  • LinkedIn services

  • Interview coaching 

  • Career coaching 

Our RIF services are an excellent way to put the “human” back in Human Services and give employers’ former staff members hope in an ethical and cost-effective way. You’ve made a difficult choice, let us help make it easier.