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First Impressions: 4 Different Types and How to Make the Best of Them!

Whether you are applying for a job or meeting a new friend at a concert, you have the ability to make great first impressions. Think about it, you meet someone new and have a first encounter in person. Then, you connect on social media and in an instant; you have made another first impression. How you appear in person and online matters.  

Here’s how you can make the most of your first impressions when applying for jobs and advancing your career.

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5 Professional Development Books to Help You Level Up Your Careeer

One of the best ways to grow in your career is to take time to work on your own personal and professional development. This list includes 5 great books that will help you navigate negotiations, live a purpose lead life, be a stronger leader and more. I’m a big believer that there is no growth in comfort, so if you’re feeling stagnant, picking up one of these books is a great way to help you grow. 

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