Getting Hired in 2019

By Jasmine Bayer

Getting hired isn’t always easy especially if you belong to the millennial generation. Being a fresher with no prior work experience or someone wanting an entire career change. So here are some things you can do to prepare yourself to stand out before and during the interview to help you stand out and get hired.

1. Be realistic in your job application:

To get a call for an interview, you first need to send out a job application. Apply for a job that is more suited to your current profile. If you are a fresher, then apply for entry level positions such as intern positions or trainee positions to gain experience. You cannot be a team leader until you have learnt how to be part of a team. Leave the trainer, team leader and manger positions that you would like to have in your bucket list, but hold off on sending those applications , Here’s why- Most big companies have a job portal through which you can send in your applications. But some of these portals also store all your previous applications. So if you keep applying to positions for which you don’t have the skill set or the experience required the system is going to reject your resume and given a year or two later when you do have the desired qualities you may be applying for a position for which you have already been rejected. So save those for later.

2. Maintain a file with application details:

For those of you who are actively searching for jobs and applying online to every possible company, the process can get a bit tedious. You would need individual user names and passwords for different job portals and also need to keep a track of positions that you have applied for . Using an excel sheet to store job titles, company details, user names and passwords would save you a lot of time and also help you stay on track. It is also a great idea to save job descriptions for the positions that you have applied for since sometimes these are taken off the company websites once the application dates are closed while interviews may be scheduled for a later date. Having a copy of the job description would help you prepare better for the interview.

3. Have multiple versions of your resume:

It is always better to have a specific resume made to a specific job title. For example don’t use the same resume while applying for a job as a technical assistant as you would use to apply for the position of a content writer for a technical product based company as both would require different skills to be highlighted . Even though you have the same set of skills that can be used for both profiles , the resume should portray your skills such that your resume would match the profile.

4. Do your homework:

Research the company you are applying to. Find out more about them from their own website first and then use google or wikipedia to get a summary of the company. Once you know about the company research the position and the work culture through sites like linkedin or Glassdoor . Having done this can help you answer some key questions during the interview such as, ‘Why do you want to work for us?’ , ‘What makes you think you are a good fit for this role?’ , ‘Why should we hire you?’, ‘What contribution can your skills bring to our organization?’. Knowing about the current projects their working on or having an idea of their products can go a long way in helping you stand out from the competition.

5. Dress Appropriately:

Regardless of the dress code that employees follow in the company whether casual or formal its always better to go for an interview in formal attire. Its always better to be over dressed and look smart than to lose out on the opportunity to make a ‘good first impression’. Another point regarding dress code is to keep in mind the environment in which your going to be interviewed at, for example if your applying to a factory or a restaurant, given that all goes well and your boss wants to show you around the facility or tell you more about the job and your responsibilities you might want to steer clear of any flammable clothing, silks or chiffons for the interview .Even though they would provide you overcoats and visitor clothing its always better to go in prepared.

6. Speak with confidence:

Be conversant in what you speak and articulate your back ground while answering questions and share your story. Try to use this opportunity to answer questions by highlighting your skills and personality. It’s important to be confident but don’t sound like you are bragging. Enjoy the conversation and highlight the two things that you have been able to accomplish in the past that would be relevant to the position. Keep the conversation simple and enjoy having the conversation with the interviewer. Be sure to thank them at the end of the interview and be courteous while leaving.

7. Thank them:

It’s always polite to send a ‘Thank You’ note after the interview . Wait patiently for a response. Always thank them even if you have received a negative reply, thank the interviewer for considering you and giving you the opportunity to apply. You never know, an impressed interviewer may call you back months later if there happens to be another positions which might actually be a better match for your skills.

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Jasmine Bayer is a Business Development and Quality control specialist with over 8 years of experience in building new businesses , training , recruiting and mentoring.

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