When it's Time for You and Your Job to Break Up

Making the decision to put in your notice can feel like breaking up a long term relationship with a nice enough person that you don't have chemistry with. You appreciate what you got out of the relationship, but you know that it's time to move on. Your friends have all hyped you up to remind you that you deserve to be happier, more secure, and remind you that there is more job fish in the sea. You're ready to start looking for something new and but that can feel intimating. You're thinking about your current job and remembering all of the good times and the potential of what could happen if it maybe got a little better.  Now yourself deciding to stick it out just a little while longer, while simultaneously resenting being in the relationship. 

Doesn't that sound exhausting? Well, it's because it is! I get it. I've been there myself. I worked at a job for 6 years that paid me well and everyone was nice. However after the 2nd year I was bored out of my mind, unfulfilled but I was so appreciative of the pay check and I loved my coworkers like they were family. The years ticked on and I got less and less satisfied, less grateful and eventually got really sick, brain tumor sick, and I found myself at 26 years old needing a brain surgery. You can listen more about my brain surgery story here . If I had gotten more severely ill, would I have felt like I had a life well led? A life complaining about a "good enough" job, a life spent wondering if there was something more out there and if I even deserved something better? No! I should have broken up with my job on that 2nd year instead of just being happy for pay day. 

Me one day before brain surgery. Isn't she lovely?! LOL!

Me one day before brain surgery. Isn't she lovely?! LOL!

Here's when you know it's time to give your job the boot:

1. It's super toxic. Just like in any relationship when things are toxic or abusive, it's time to high tail it out of there. Make sure to document everything and protect yourself, but don't walk, run to a new job.

2. It's gotten stale. You are ready for growth, but there is no room go grow. Maybe you've hit your ceiling or there is a road block that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but when you feel like you've maximized your potential and you have more to give and they have nothing for you, it's time to start looking for new opportunities.  

3. You've got your eye on someone new. If a new opportunity or new career has ignited your passion it's worth investigating if that's the right thing for you. When it's clear that it's the direction that you need to get to the next level in your career, it's time to give your notice. 

Quitting a job can be hard. It's hard to even think straight between the moments of printing your resignation letter and handing it to your boss. That scary moment, it's temporary, and it's the moment necessary to grow to your next chapter. It's okay to feel scared, in fact I wouldn't trust any major decision that isn't just a little bit scary. But handing in that letter is going to give you the power that you need to take control of your career and catapult yourself to a happier career and a happier you. It's time. 

Always rooting for you,