My Interview Buddy Gives Back

When I started this company, I started it from a place of serving. I want women, all women, to have the interview and negotiation skills that they need and a career path that ignites them. I launch this company with extremely affordable rates because I wanted women from all career levels to have access to MIB's services. I also created free content like my Facebook Lunch and Learn Lives  and the weekly interview/resume tips I post on LinkedIn, so that my services are further reaching, without a price tag. 

But from the very beginning I knew that was not going to be enough.  

Philanthropy has been a large part of my life since my brain surgery 6 years ago, and I knew that I would want any company that I owned to have services that served the underserved for free. I decided that for MIB, for every 10 customers we get, we will do one free service for a woman in need. 

Over the next few months I will be partnering up with non profits around the Middle Tennessee area that work to benefit women, to plan a full day of interview and resume services to women need the services to get a better life. I plan on working, with women's prisons, non profits that help domestic violence survivors, sex trafficking survivors, women recovering from addiction and more. I am over the moon excited to help women from all backgrounds thrive and get the careers and salaries that they deserve. 

Also, look out soon for our MIB gives back application that let's women outside of the Middle Tennessee have access to our online service for those whom cannot afford our services. 

I am so proud to share this part of our business structure with you. I have already seen the change MIB's services have made in women's lives and being able to reach women with special circumstances, I know will not only help change more lives, but will promote a positive ripple effect that will impact people beyond my wildest dreams. 


Wishing you a special day,