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My Interview Buddy helps candidates and hiring managers on both sides of the interview table to have powerful interviews to help them get the best job and employees, respectively. We help candidates research and prepare for interviews by addressing their interview challenges and empower them to interview more confidently. We also give hiring managers the tools they need to attract the right candidates and provide training to interview more efficiently. With the right support interviews don't have to be pain-staking tasks, they could be what they should be, a professional conversation where both parties determine if they are the right fit for each other. If you are ready for a stronger interview, work with My Interview Buddy today. provides resume review and video one on one services at affordable rates to help women get the jobs and salaries they desire. We have consulted with recruiters, CEOs and other executive leaders all over the country to get their feedback on what makes a successful interview or negotiation meeting, and we use those tips to help coach our clients to nail their meetings.



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I got a job! I appreciate you. After you and I talked about me settling, I turned down the job that I interviewed for before I met you. So, thank you so much for even having that convo with me! I feel very deserving of the new job I accepted. ”
— Ashley P.



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Noelle Johnson is a corporate Jill of all trades who has worked in many industries as the office “swiss army knife.”

She has been responsible for conducting interviews, leading projects, advising executives, basic coding, event planning, accounting and more.

Noelle is passionate about diversity, breaking glass ceilings and helping others achieve success.

Prior to her time with MIB, Noelle spent over a decade in operations in the service and technology industries and has found herself on both sides of the interview table many times.

She has worked alongside companies like Facebook, Google, Verizon and Microsoft.

In these roles, to find a way to make hiring procedures and company culture better, she conducted years of research on more efficient hiring practices and work culture.

Through this experience and research, Noelle has been able to help women around the world achieve their career goals. 

Over the years like so many working professionals, she’s found that the interview process could be one of the most frustrating, nerve-wracking and/or time-consuming tasks in your career.

Noelle has interviewed candidates that look great on paper but don't seem prepared for a meeting and has been interviewed where the hiring manager asks questions that don't make sense for the role or the company culture.

She has even passed up potential good job opportunities because the job description was vague, and when interviewing candidates herself she has passed over possibly great candidates because of subpar resumes. Noelle knew that this process could be better.

Noelle Johnson created My Interview Buddy because she knew interviews did not have to be an uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, colorless meeting.

However, it could be just a candidate having an honest professional conversation with a hiring manager or panel for both parties to discover if they are the right fit for each other.

Noelle wanted to see more people get jobs that they love, not just a job that pays the bills, and for companies to get employees that are passionate about the company's mission and their new roles.

In Noelle’s words, “Better interviews lead to diverse leadership with more women and people of color at the top which helps brings new ideas to corporations.”

My Interview Buddy, owned by Noelle Johnson is an online company designed to make interviews better on both sides of the table.

My Interview Buddy specializes in helping women professionals develop stronger interviewing, networking, and career goal setting skills.

Noelle has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the globe, including, NPR, Glassdoor, Medium, Sugar and Spike podcast and has a true passion of helping others succeed.

Her own articles have been featured in Forbe, Medium, Fast Company, Monster, Fupping, T Sheets by Quickbooks, LinkedIn and Our Body Book by Cameron Diaz. In addition to her running her company and writing, Noelle serves on the board of Tucson non-profit Health and Wellness CRC, that benefits seniors and underserved communities.